Buy Wingmate Luggage Tags

WingMate Luggage Tags

Luggage tags included 1 WingMate NFC/QR Luggage Tag (4x2.7") with plastic loop

  • Matte finish with gloss embossed letters (front side)
  • 25% thicker than regular luggage tags for extra durability
  • Our hard plastic luggage tags are available in multiple colors and styles

WingMate Stickers

WingMate NFC/QR Stickers (1.25x1")

  • Great for tablets, phones, computers, personal headsets, etc.
  • Laminate layer for extra durability to prevent rubbing, scuffing, and fading of sticker
  • Easily apply WingMate stickers to all of your devices

Join us in making a difference in someones life.

Our Support Series tags not only look great but serve a greater purpose. For each tag purchased, we will make a charitable contribution to the associated foundation. All of our Support Series Tags are our Generation 2.0 tags which boast superior strength and durability.

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