Register and Update WingMate Account

IMPORTANT: You must register your device before use

An unregistered device reduces the effectiveness of finding and recovering a lost article. Technical support is unavailable for unregistered devices.

How to Register

  1. Go to Register/Update Device
  2. If you are a new WingMate Tag owner, click on "Create Account" to setup your account. If you are a returning WingMate Tag owner, login to your profile to add or update your WingMate Tag(s) information.
  3. Create your customer profile and select your Lost-and-Found Portal options. You will add your tag(s) after you have set up your customer profile.
  4. Locate the WingMate Tag’s Serial Number on the backside of the tag.
  5. Enter the Serial number exactly as it appears into the "Add new WingMate Tag" section and enter a brief description describing the tag; ie. "Flight Bag" or "Roller bag".
  6. Once you have entered all of your information, click update. You will be notified of your successful completion and an email will be sent to you with the information you updated.
  7. Click logout to prevent another person from accessing your profile.

WingMate Lost and Found Portal

If you found a lost WingMate tag, here are the steps to help locate the owner:

  1. Locate the WingMate Tag's Serial Number on the backside of the tag
  2. Go to our LOST and FOUND Portal and enter the WingMate tag's Serial Number (if you touched the tag using NFC, this field may already be populated with the tags serial number).Click Submit once complete.
  3. Check-box “Send quick location?” to send your current geolocation. You may also send owner a message, or by adding your email address with a message, you may communicate directly with the tag owner anonymously and without the exchange of personal information through our WingMate messenger system. When finished, select send.
  4. (Optional) You may view the complete tag details (if the tag owner has allowed) by filling out the form and agreeing to the WingMate terms and conditions.
  5. Once complete, an automatic email will be sent to the WingMate owner with your message and location you provided. The tag owner may be contacting you for more information about this find and/or arrange the return of lost items.

Thank you for your help with recovering the lost article!

Proper WingMate Sticker Placement on an NFC Enabled Smartphone (Android and Windows Phone Users)

WARNING: Placing sticker on your devices' NFC antenna will cause erronous NFC readings.

BEFORE removing adhesive backing and adhering to sticker surface:

  1. FIND a good location for your sticker. Surface should be clean and smooth. Some roughness, such as on a skin or cover, is acceptable as long as there are no excessive ridges or relief design elements.
  2. TEST location (Android and Windows only). With NFC capabilities enabled on your device, test proposed location by sliding sticker along the surface of your device. A GOOD location is when NO sound is heard and the NFC chip is NOT detected. If NFC chime is heard and tag is read, your sticker is too close to NFC antenna.
  3. CLEAN surface of where sticker is to be placed and secure sticker to the surface, removing all bubbles and wrinkles.

NOTICE TO APPLE USERS: IOS devices DO have an NFC antenna near the top of the device that is used for Apple Pay. At this time, Apple has not unlocked nor created NFC API for IOS, and therefore NFC tags are incompatible with IOS devices. Sticker placement, however, should be taken in consideration when applying a WingMate sticker to the back of an IOS device incase Apple does decide to create and release NFC capabilities for IOS. On the current Apple models, we suggest placing the sticker near the middle to bottom of the devices back side.

sticker placement example

Add WingMate Icon to Home Screen

You can save the WingMate Tags website to your smartphone or tablet home screen. This will create a home screen icon and will run WingMate like an application.

  1. Go to the WingMate Homepage or then:
    • If you are using Chrome: click on the three dots in the upper righthand corner of the browser bar.
    • If you are using Safari: click on the icon icon.
  2. Select "Add to Home Screen"
  3. Name the application such "WingMate" or "WingMate Tags"
  4. Select "Add" . WingMate will now look and run like an application on your Android or Apple device.
add to home screen
wingmate tags input

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