Frequently Asked Questions

What is WingMate?

WingMate is a "Smart" tag that provides a secure way to store personal contact information on virtually any traveling valuable, such as luggage or electronics, and assists with the recovery of valuables when lost. Think of it as a transponder for your luggage!

Using NFC and QR Code Technology, WingMate is the most advanced Luggage Tag available. Never write on a luggage tag again and have your personal information easily exposed to the public, simply update your contact information with a click of your mouse or use your smartphone! Whenever your tag is lost, WingMate increases the effectiveness of recovering your lost articles. WingMate was developed by two airline pilots and is flight crew tested to be the best and last luggage tag you will ever need!

How does WingMate work?

Each WingMate tag is embedded with a NFC (Near Field Communication) chip that when read acts as the "key" to our cloud database. The information that you enter into your WingMate profile is securely stored in our database and may only be edited by you. Only contact information that you wish to be visible to others may be seen when accessed through our LOST and FOUND portal. WingMate also uses QR Code technology that may be used when NFC technology is unavailable.

Whenever a tag is lost and then found, the finder touches the WingMate tag to a NFC enabled device, scans QR code, or goes to the URL on the WingMate tag. By using the NFC technology embedded into the tag, and entering the WingMate tags Serial Number into our online database, the person who found the tag may contact the owner using the methods provided on the owner's profile. In addition, you are sent an automatic email with the details of the find with a map of it's location and the contact information of the finder.

What information can WingMate store?

The WingMate database can store a magnitude of information such as:

  • Name
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Company
  • Airport or Domicile
  • Address
  • Email

With WingMate, you have control over how much or how little information others may see!

What happens when my bag is lost? How does WingMate help?

In the unlikely and unfortunate event your Crew Bag (or any tagged items) is lost, WingMate makes it easier to recover your lost luggage (items).

Let's say you're commuting or deadheading and your bag is "misplaced" after gate checking your luggage, or you're doing a quick crew swap and accidentally leave a tagged article in the cockpit or cabin and now it's on the other side of the country. A likely scenario, right? Using a smartphone, a person who finds your bag simply has to touch your WIngMate tag to the NFC reader or scan the QR code on the tag. The finder is then directed to our secure online database where they need the serial number from your tag and are prompted to enter their name, email address, and phone number into the WIngMate portal before accessing our database. Once these requirements are met, the finder is then granted permission to view the information that you have saved on your profile, but only the information that you want them to see to help get your luggage returned.

In addition, the finder has the ability to get the Geolocation of the WingMate device and leave a message for you. Once submitted an automatic email is sent to you with the finders contact information, as well as any notes, and the Geolocation of your bag! It's that simple.

We have made recovering your lost articles, not a matter of if, but when...

WingMate is the safe and easy way to store your contact information on a crew tag and help recover your bag when lost.

Does my WingMate tag require batteries?

No, WingMate uses no batteries and no charging! The NFC chip embedded in the tag is powered when touched with an NFC enabled device. As long as a person has a smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer, WingMate's LOST-and-FOUND portal may be accessed. This makes WingMate one of the most versatile and independent products available for protecting personal information and asset recovery!

Does my WingMate account cost anything?

Nope! It's Free! Unlike other similar products out there that "charge-per-find" or "record update", WingMate accounts are complementary. Update your account as much as you want, or lose your items as much as you want (although we don't recommend the second part), WingMate offers unlimited database entries at no cost to you.

If you already bought a WingMate tag under the old subscription plan, don't worry, your plan is now FREE with everyone else!

I have an iPhone/iPad, does WingMate work for me?

Yes! Although Apple has not unlocked nor created NFC API for IOS, WingMate may still be used by scanning the QR code. The QR code has the same functionality as the NFC chip, the only difference is that when the NFC chip is read the tag serial number is automatically entered into the Lost-and-Found portal, whereas the serial number must be manually entered when scanned by QR. Once Apple does unlock NFC capabilities, our tags and stickers will be able to be read via NFC on IOS devices. Currently Android, Blackberry and Windows operating systems are able to read NFC chips.