I got an error message when trying to read or write to my tag. It showed "Unable to write/read" or "Write/Read Failed".

Many times in this case, the tag is improperly placed on your device, or simply was not held long enough to your smartphone for it to read or write the information. Simply try it again until it works. If you continue experiencing problems, try the steps listed below.

When I touch my tag to my smartphone, nothing happens. When I tap it, my phone doesn't make the "NFC" sound or seem to detect my tag.

  • Make sure you have NFC enabled on your phone. Go to settings and look for NFC. Make sure it is turned to "On" or "Enabled"
  • Make sure you are tapping or touching the tag with the correct area of your phone/tablet. Most phones have NFC antennas on the back. A few newer devices also have an NFC antenna area on the front, but this is currently rare.
  • Are you using a custom non-stock ROM? While some ROM's look to enhance the NFC capabilities, it is always possible with any custom ROM that there may be issues with some features of the phone including NFC. Things like side-installing Google Wallet on a device that doesn't have it available in the market can break the NFC Tag detection.

I have a WingMate sticker that I stuck to the back of my phone, and sometimes when I set my phone on a surface the NFC antenna finds my sticker even though I made sure I did not stick my sticker near the NFC Antenna.

What we have discovered is that when abruptly placing a phone, tablet, etc. on a surface that is hard, smooth or reflective (polished wood, metal, glass) sometimes the WingMate tag stuck on the side making contact with the surface may be read by your own devices NFC antenna. We believe this may be caused by the radio waves emitted from your device reflecting off the surface and making contact with the WingMate sticker. If this is happening frequently, we suggest moving the sticker further away from the NFC antenna. You may also consider disabling the NFC features under your devices settings when not needed; this will turn off the NFC antenna in your device and will prevent inadvertent NFC readings.

If none of the solutions above match your problem, or if you have tried the solutions above and are still experiencing problems, please contact us. You may also try and ask a question about your problem on our Community Forum